You are currently viewing ‘She’s a snob’: Kate and William’s split allegedly rushed by Camilla

‘She’s a snob’: Kate and William’s split allegedly rushed by Camilla

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A separation that had shaken the kingdom. In 2007, William and Kate Middleton caused a lot of ink to flow when they publicly announced their separation. At the time, the current Prince of Wales had stressed that they “trying to find their own way” after they went to college. The love story between the prince and the one the British press gladly called “Waity Katie” will only end ten weeks and was sealed by a historic marriage four years later. What we now know is the role played by Camilla Parker Bowles in this story.

Snobbery and influence

“I was in London when the breakup [de William et Kate] happened. I was shocked, completely stunned, everyone thought it was only a matter of time before William proposed to Kate. And then people started telling me that Camilla was behind it.” told Christopher Anderson, royal expert and author of William and Kate: A Royal Love Story in the Daily Beast. According to him, the queen consort would have had a hard time overcoming the commoner status of Kate Middleton. “Camilla is a bit of a snob. She is an aristocrat, she has always moved in royal circles. She always considered herself the heiress of Alice Keppel, her great-grandmother, who was the mistress of Edward VII. he added.

Camilla would therefore have used her influence with Charles to hasten this rupture. “She didn’t see Kate as someone who was worthy of joining the royal family. Kate is the first working-class woman to be accepted into the royal family. She is a descendant of coal miners and her mother was a flight attendant.” insisted the author. 15 years after the fact, the relationship between the two strong women of the British monarchy would however be in good shape.