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‘She’ll never be a real queen’: Princess Anne is adamant about Camilla Parker Bowles

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In her book, ‘Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor’, biographer Angela Levin confessed that Princess Anne did not want Camilla ‘to be given the title of queen consort’. If the book will not be published until October 24, the British media The Mirror has revealed some exclusive excerpts.

In the sequences, it is possible to understand that Princess Anne does not carry her brother’s wife, Camilla, in her heart. The two women have a tumultuous history, and this, from the beginning. So much so that the only daughter of Elizabeth II does not want Camilla Parker Bowl to become queen consort. “Anne was, for many years, opposed to the idea of ​​Camilla being given the title of queen consort explained Angela Levin. “She was convinced that Camilla would not [serait] never a true queen,” continues the biographer.

Freezing atmosphere

“Like many people who did not know Anne well, Camilla found his icy demeanor and somewhat disconcerting to bear [au début]”, said expert Angela Levin. This resulted in the two women standing at a distance. “Princess Anne reportedly turned a deaf ear to Camilla at first. […] For years, the Princess Royal has stood away from Camilla as much as possible.

Because you had to put water in your wine at some point, Princess Anne gradually began to accept the wife of the new King Charles III. Time has proven to be a healer and Anne saw for herself how hard Camilla worked for the monarchy and her sense of duty. Step by step, she became more conciliatoryconcluded the author.