You are currently viewing she reveals the spooky costumes of her children Jacques and Gabriella for Halloween

she reveals the spooky costumes of her children Jacques and Gabriella for Halloween

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Monday, October 31, young and old celebrated Halloween. And for the occasion, the children of Charlene de Monaco had opted for terrifying costumes as she showed on her Instagram account.

Trick or treat ! Like many families around the world, the Grimaldis celebrated Halloween on Monday, October 31. If this holiday is more widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries than in France, the twins of Charlene and Albert of Monaco took the opportunity to disguise in a terrifying way. Very proud of her two children, the princess, who was in Paris a few weeks ago for Fashion Week, never misses an opportunity to reveal photos of her two children on her Instagram account. As she did on this Halloween Eve, revealing their somewhat spooky costumes. “Happy Halloween”she wrote in the caption of a photo on which we see Gabriella disguised as an evil pumpkinwhile Jacques does strong impression in vampire.

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For the occasion, Jacques and Gabriella have proudly posed in front of a Halloween decor visibly set up for the occasion, with fake cobwebs and pumpkin-shaped balloons, batteries in the theme. And fans of Charlene de Monaco were captivated by the atmosphere, but above all, by the very successful costumes of her children. “These are beautiful costumes”, “They’re so cute”, “Magnificent, they are superb”, “These costumes are fabulous, I hope they had a good time”commented on many Internet users, who took the opportunity to send tender attentions to the wife of Albert II, now recovered after several months where she was particularly talked about for her health problems.

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Charlene of Monaco alongside her family

In 2021, while she was in South Africa for her foundation, Charlene of Monaco contracted a serious ENT infection which prevented her from returning to the Rock for several months. Once back, in November, she took refuge in Switzerland for treatment. Now recovered, the wife of Prince Albert alternates between family moments and royal obligations, thus standing alongside her husband during very important moments for him. Like last September, when she commemorated with the family the 40 years of the disappearance of Grace Kelly. “We will go to pray at his grave, and we will take a moment with the family”had thus confided Prince Albert II about this sad anniversary, while next year he will prepare great festivities with his sisters, his wife and his nephew Louis Ducruet, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of his father. , Rainier III.

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