You are currently viewing “She needs help”: the strange behavior of Cara Delevingne worries her relatives

“She needs help”: the strange behavior of Cara Delevingne worries her relatives

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Too talkative, manners”strange“, bruised legs and sunken eyes, for several days the attitude of the model Cara Delevingne has challenged Internet users. The media Page Six shared last week a disturbing video of the young woman of 29 years in which the latter is at the exit of the airport of Van Nuys and struggle to stand. She walks in circles without shoes, while repeatedly dropping her phone.

A behavior “disturbing”, which alarmed his relatives. Her friend actress Margot Robbie went to visit her. But some time later, the Australian actress left her sidekick’s house with tears in her eyes.

This Friday, September 16, relatives of the British top model told the media TMZ that his sanity was at rock bottom and that they would have scheduled an intervention. “She is fighting things that are much more serious than substance use,” her entourage told the American tabloid. This is not the first time that his relatives have wanted to send him to treatment.

His loved ones are worried, but his fans are too. On twitterthe comments are going well:Why no one cares about Cara Delevingne ?? HAS this rhythm in a few weeks she do an overdose! I don’t understand why any of these relatives hospitalized him“, “cara Delevingne she hurts me too much, it’s too sad“, “I hope Cara Delevingne can get help, it’s so sad to see her like this“, “wowimages of Cara Delevingne are worrying, I hope it is supported.