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Selah Sue: ‘This is the most painful message I’ve ever written’

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She has never hidden it, Selah Sue has been dealing with so-called mental health problems since her teenage years: depression, etc. Disorders that she cures with pills (pillsin English), a situation that she explicitly mentions on her album personas released last March.

If at the time of the release of this disc, the Louvanist displayed a big smile, things have apparently changed since then. These pills to take which she thought she had finally gotten rid of reminded her badly. After having tried to live without four times since she was 14, she had promised to tell those who live the same thing as her if she managed to be definitively left.

“The first few months without antidepressants were wonderful, she writes. […] I was stronger than ever. Six months later, without warning and without reason, everything went dark again. I woke up with an inexplicable fear. I was catapulted from heaven to hell in a matter of weeks. At first I could take it […] but it quickly became too heavy, too intrusive.” And she explains: “Unfortunately for a number of people there is nothing that can be done. Going back on antidepressants was my only option. Again, like when I was 14. I feel like it saves my life.”