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Selah Sue and her addiction to antidepressants: “I’m going through hell”

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The Belgian singer shares “her most painful post ever written” by confiding that she has taken antidepressants.

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Selah Sue, whose real name is Sanne Putsey, confided in her depression this Thursday, August 11 on her social networks. Beginning by declaring that she “go through hell”She keeps “his most painful post ever written” by explaining his journey with and without taking an antidepressant: “After the release of PILLS, thousands of people told me that they recognized themselves in my history with antidepressants. In the media, I expressed my hope that this time – my fourth attempt in 14 years – I would finally be able to stop taking it. If it didn’t work, I would let people know. I feel like I owe everyone I gave a glimmer of hope to a conclusion to this story now.”she wrote.

Journey without and with antidepressants

On the set of the show It’s up to you on April 5, 2022, the singer had already mentioned her addiction to antidepressants: “Talking about it is a way for me to put things in my head. Each song in my new album describes another side of me, another personality. This is my battle with the pros and cons of antidepressant effects”.

“The first five months without antidepressants have been wonderful,” she confesses. “I experienced everything ten times more intensely and experienced unprecedented creative and emotional heights”, she continues before talking about the return of depression: “After about six months, darkness returned, totally out of the blue and with no clear reason or cause. I woke up with an inexplicable fear and was catapulted from heaven to hell in just a few weeks”.

Mental health taboo

Selah Sue does not hide from suffering from depression. At the end of the message, she confides that she prefers “a stable and somewhat flattened emotional life with pills, rather than experiencing explosive highs and desperate lows without pills”. She also wants to break the taboo around mental health and advises people who experience it to surround themselves well and talk about it: “To all those who are going through a difficult period: I am thinking of you. I understand you. I love you. It will get better, don’t lose hope.

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