You are currently viewing Secret Thief Deck Murder at Castle Nathria, the new Hearthstone expansion

Secret Thief Deck Murder at Castle Nathria, the new Hearthstone expansion

What is the best Rogue deck to play for the release of Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone? Here is a theorycraft decklist Secret thief aggro.

With the arrival of Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone is enriched with no less than 135 new cards. With the new Imbue mechanic and Locations, a new card type, the game’s meta should change a lot, especially for the Thief.

We present here a theorycraft decklist for the secret thief to try at the exit of Meutre au Château Nathria, the new extension of Hearthstone.

What is the best Rogue deck for Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone?

With the reveal of Hearthstone’s 135 new cards, players have theorycrafting decks to try out when the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion releases. This Thief deck has great potential that will be confirmed when the meta is more stable.


deck code


(Source: JZZO456 / Hearthstone Top Decks)

Secret Thief Gameplay

The thief had been entitled to some secrets in previous expansions, but the archetype had been neglected over time. Blizzard is giving the deck a boost with this expansion. New secrets and new synergies are on the way to allow the secret thief to shine. In addition, the deck has almost unlimited resources thanks to numerous draw cards.

Here’s how the game plan breaks down:

  • Mulligan / Early Game : In the starting hand, you will of course look for your various secrets: Kidnapping (kidnap) and Double-dealing (Double Cross). the Forsaken Lieutenant (Forsaken Lieutenant) is also a good card to prepare for your future deathrattles.
  • mid-game : In the middle of the game, Halkias and Private detective (Private Eye) will allow you to play around your secrets, spawning a creature that loops back and filling your hand with resources.
  • Late Game : Your deck wants to be aggressive, so it is quite weak at the end of the game. Even so, you have plenty of resources and ways to cycle your hand. smoke screen (Smokescreen) is very effective for drawing and in addition to activating the various deathrattles obtained in hand.

As a reminder, Murder at Castle Nathria is available on Hearthstone on August 2, 2022.