You are currently viewing Season 2 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, info on quests, season pass and new heroes

Season 2 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, info on quests, season pass and new heroes

With Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 2, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dominic Calkosz and Jen Stacey.

After being able to enjoy the first season of Battlegroundsthe game modeHearthstone unveils its second season. Many new features are on the agenda, whether in terms of gameplay or the different heroes.

In an interview with Breakflip on the occasion of the new season, Dominic Calkosz and Jen Stacey (Game Designers) were able to answer many of our questions about the various new features offered.

Quests are coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  • Quests are one of the major novelties of the new season.
  • Like companions or Darkmoon prizes, the Quests are intended to structure the game and guide the players’ games.
  • Like Hearthstone, you will have to fulfill conditions to obtain a reward that will impact the rest of your game (buy x minions or refresh Bob’s tavern).
  • The team really appreciates this kind of mechanics because they help to better structure the game both for the players and for possible balancing.
  • Quests should have a rotation, some will disappear and new ones will be gradually added to Battlegrounds.

battlegrounds - quest - reward

The seasonal ticket, or season pass, new for season 2

  • This season pass system is very much inspired by the one currently in place on the standard mode of Hearthstone.
  • It includes several hero cosmetics, new emojis, and animations when your hero deals damage.
  • But this pass is only purchasable with the new currency: Runestones, which is only purchasable with real money. And to have the 4 heroes (instead of 2), you must necessarily buy the Pass.
  • This announcement has crystallized many tensions because players consider that the game would literally become Pay-to-win with a greater choice of heroes.
  • The team understands the feelings of the players but does not intend to change the system.


Creation of new heroes and new animations

  • To find new themes in Battlegrounds (Magic of Azeroth for this season), the team is mainly inspired by WoW.
  • When choosing new heroes to introduce into the game, the team seeks consistency between the character’s story, hero power, and new season theme.
  • In the future, developers want to be more and more daring, especially for new animations, new hero powers, and new game boards..