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“Sausage fingers”: here’s why Prince Charles has very swollen hands

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In recent days, a somewhat particular detail has alerted Internet users … The fingers of the new British King Charles III. Described as “sausages”, the hands of the monarch have been scrutinized with a fine toothcomb. Especially since his swearing in which took place on September 10, in which the cameras of the whole world were trained on his fingers in the process of seizing a pen. Disproportionate hands (very) analyzed… So much so that according to the latest trends from Google, research on his fingers has exploded.

However, this subject is not new. On several occasions in recent years, the Prince of Wales’ fingers have appeared swollen. In 2012, according to the Express, Charles himself jokingly called his “sausage fingers” while touring Australia. Then, in May 2021, the 73-year-old was pictured at a royal engagement in a south London pub where his fingers had previously caused concern among his fans. Charles’ fingers also caught the eye at the funeral of his father Prince Philip in April last year. Ultimately, swollen fingers are a problem the now-king has suffered from for years.

The causes ?

To answer the question, a British doctor explained that many health conditions could be the cause of this swelling. It could be edema which is a blood circulation disorder causing tissue swelling due to an abnormal amount of blood serum, or osteoarthritis. But it could also be water retention or, more likely, old age.

Nevertheless, his health would obviously not be in danger.