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Samsung launches Galaxy S22 Bora Purple

Each color has its own characteristics and is experienced and perceived like no other. Violet occupies a special place in the entire color spectrum. This color is appreciated for its singular nature. The freshness of blue merges with the ardor of red to create a completely new experience. Warmth and optimism are the key words here. Purple is a friendly and welcoming color, with a luxurious and exclusive side.

In fact, you could say that purple represents exactly the same thing as the Samsung Galaxy: the praise of individuality, the overcoming of limits and innovation through an open-minded philosophy.

From light and playful to dark and harsh. Countless shades of purple have established themselves over the centuries. This color has also been used several times in Samsung’s color palette. Think Orchid Gray from the Samsung Galaxy S8, Lilac Purple from the Galaxy S9, S22 Series Violet, and Z Flip 3 Lavender. The S22 Bora Purple is a new version of this magnificent purple Galaxy tree. “Bora” is the Korean word for “purple”. The Bora Purple is designed with the desire to evoke joy, spark creativity and celebrate individuality.

“With its combination of neutral and pastel tones, Bora Purple exudes a sense of luxurious serenity,” says Davy Moons, Marketing Manager Mobile eXperiences at Samsung Belgium. “In August, we will introduce this color for the Galaxy S22, followed by other models later in the year. »

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 in Bora Purple will be available from August 101 at the recommended retail price of €849. In Belgium, only the 125 GB version will be available.

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