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Samsung is copying neighbor Apple again, launching in-home repair service – Newsmonkey

After following the movement initiated by Apple and removing the charger from its smartphone boxes, Samsung is once again inspired by its competitor by offering a repair service at home. However, the approach is somewhat different.

Good news for owners of Samsung products, the South Korean manufacturer has teamed up with spare parts specialist iFixit to launch an at-home repair program. Here, no expensive kit of specialized tools or complicated procedures, as Apple offers, but repair guides and simplified iFixit tools to repair your phone yourself.

Budding repairers can also benefit from detailed tutorials, as well as advice from the iFixit community to replace the glass or the back of their smartphone. Replacing the charging port is also one of the repairs offered. The parts they will get will obviously be official since Samsung is the initiator of the program.

As for used parts, these can be returned to the repair specialist as part of the program, in order to be recycled, at no cost.

An offer destined to grow

For the time being, Samsung’s “self repair” program is only planned for the United States, but nothing says that it will not be deployed internationally. iFixit parts can indeed be ordered worldwide. However, the guides offered concern the American versions of Samsung products. If the latter were to extend its program, in Europe for example, it would have to adapt its catalog to the architecture of the devices.

It should be noted, however, that the repairs offered mainly concern problems related to product wear or accidents. The Galaxy S20 and S21 are the first references of the program – all variants combined – as well as the Galaxy S7 + tablet, but Samsung ensures that other devices will be able to take advantage of the repair program. New options will also be offered. It costs $66.99 for the Galaxy S21 charging port replacement kit and $239.99 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra screen and battery.