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Samsung has sold 10 million foldable smartphones – Geeko

The Korean giant sees real potential in this segment, and intends to redouble its efforts in 2022.

Samsung confirms it: its foldable smartphones are selling quite well. “It became apparent very quickly that flexible design fits perfectly into modern lifestyles. What was once an innovative product has now become the preferred choice of millions of consumers,” said TM Roh, President of Samsung’s Mobile Division.

To date, Samsung has reportedly sold 10 million foldable devices, more than any of its competitors. The Korean manufacturer would have managed to capture nearly 88% of the sector’s market share. Huawei would come second with 9.3% and Xiaomi third with 2.4%. Compared to 2020, sales have increased by more than 300%. This clearly demonstrates consumer interest in this new category of products. Compared to the brand’s entire product catalog, however, foldable devices represent very low volumes. In 2021, Samsung sold over 272 million smartphones worldwide.

According to forecasts, volumes should increase over the next few years, but not necessarily in crazy proportions. IDC estimates that in 2025, 27.6 million foldable smartphones should be sold worldwide.

The manufacturer should logically unveil its new flexible smartphones soon. Currently, its main rival, Apple, has not yet revealed its ambitions to market a “foldable” model.

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