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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: its front camera would be less apparent

Samsung would have improved the rendering of the internal selfie camera of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 compared to the old model. The manufacturer would use for this a new screen technology which would make the punch slightly less visible.

The camera hidden in the internal screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be seen on a white background. // Source: Frandroid

Samsung has heard from its users. At least that’s what you might think thanks to this leak which tells us that the company would have made efforts this year on its future Galaxy Z Fold 4, more particularly at the level of its internal front camera.

A revised pixel matrix with better resolution

The information comes from the Twitter account SamsungRydah and has since been removed due to copyright claims, which tends to lend credibility to the information. We learn that the next folding smartphone in the Fold series from Samsung would be entitled to a new screen technology that would allow it to better conceal its internal camera.

Source: Samsung Rydah

It is in a slide dealing with the device that we discover the new technique that would be used by Samsung. The pixel matrix covering the camera would be better organized and better dispersed than on the Z Fold 3. This would allow it to obtain a 40% better resolution with a pixel density of 132 ppi compared to 94 previously, thus letting less appear the camera under the screen.

Some new things to come

This would be a first step towards its complete disappearance behind the slab. However, we do not yet know if said camera has any improvements in quality or if this new pixel arrangement will have any impact on it.

For now, a new recent leak has also just presented a lot of details regarding these new folding smartphones. We discover more about what would be the new screen formats of its smartphones as well as their new features and part of their technical sheet.

There are now only 24 hours left to wait before having confirmation. But it seems that the season of leaks concerning these smartphones is now well and truly coming to an end.

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