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Samsung Galaxy S23: one of the most frustrating points would not be corrected

According to Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S23 (at least the classic model) would not make an effort on fast charging and would still be content with only supporting a maximum of 25 W.

Samsung Galaxy S22 // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Slowly, but surely, Samsung is preparing its Galaxy S23 with the ambition of raising them to the rank of the best smartphones on the market. Little by little, information about this range begins to multiply. Thus, according to the latest news, we should expect small changes in terms of dimensions and an announcement during the month of February 2023. leaker Ice Universe now reveals some details about fast charging.

He affirms, screenshot in support, that the Samsung Galaxy S23 has passed a network certification. The occasion, alas, to discover that the telephonestill uses the basic 25W specs. Nearly the slowest charge in the mobile phone industry“.

The Galaxy S23 has passed the network certification and still uses the basic specifications of 25w. Almost the slowest charging in the mobile phone industry.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 23, 2022

Ice Universe is a source to be taken with a grain of salt, because it has already been wrong. However, he was able to build up good credibility with accurate information about Samsung products. It would not be surprising to see the Galaxy S23 be limited to a 25 W charge. This is an element that has not evolved since the Galaxy S10 of 2019.

Samsung lags behind on fast charging

It would still be frustrating. Several competitors have already made insane advances in the power of fast chargers while Samsung is seriously lagging behind. The South Korean manufacturer could argue that it prefers to promote safety and good battery preservation. However, this speech would not be incompatible with a slightly higher power, sufficient to reduce the charging time without necessarily going to display 120 W.

Perhaps the brand has reserved more notable advances for its more sophisticated model, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The latter would have a hard time justifying a very expensive price in 2023 without making a small effort on fast charging. Finally, remember that in Europe, we expect the S23 to carry a chip from Qualcomm instead of Exynos.

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