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Samsung folding smartphones: the price increase is becoming clearer

In 2021, Samsung’s folding smartphone sales finally took off.

“Last year we saw nearly 10 million foldable smartphones shipped globally. That’s an industry increase of over 300% from 2020, and I predict this rapid growth will continue. We are coming at a time when these foldable devices are going mainstream and claiming a bigger place in the overall smartphone market.”writes TM Roh, the head of the mobile division of Samsung, in a press release published a few days ago.

It must be said that the Korean giant had an aggressive strategy to launch its models of last year, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3. In addition to having offered new features, and improved the durability of its folding smartphones, Samsung has also lowered prices.

While 2020’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 had a base price of $2,020 when it launched, the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s base price was $1,799. As we mentioned in our Galaxy Z Fold 3 test, this price drop was one of the main arguments for this folding smartphone. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 also had a steep price drop from its predecessor.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4: slightly higher prices?

Unfortunately, if Samsung lowered the prices of its folding smartphones in 2021, this year it could be forced to do the opposite. For a while now, it has been rumored that the prices of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 could be slightly higher compared to the previous generation.

And today, it becomes clearer. In a recent article, our colleagues from Android Central relayed the publication of a blog which would have found the prices of future folding smartphones from Samsung on the site of a retailer, which would therefore have leaked the info.

According to this source, the price of the base model of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Europe would be 1,864 euros, an increase of 65 euros compared to its 2021 predecessor. For a model with 512 GB of storage, it would take pay 1,981 euros.

And this slight increase would also concern the Galaxy Z Flip 4, whose base price in Europe would be 1,080 euros, also slightly higher than the price of last year’s models.

While waiting for the formalization of these two smartphones, which will take place during an Unpacked event on August 10, caution is still in order.

Logic would dictate that Samsung make its folding smartphones more affordable so that they appeal to the general public. In addition, the more production increases, the lower certain costs are. However, the macroeconomic context could also force Samsung to increase its prices instead of lowering them, not to mention the fall in the euro against the dollar.