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Samsung: a connected watch dedicated to sport and health and new headphones

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 Pro, suitable for sports.

In parallel with the unveiling of these new foldable smartphones, Samsung also presented two new products, starting with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in-ear headphones, priced at 229 euros. Ultra-light headphones that are 15% more compact than the previous version and offer audio quality advertised as “ exceptional“. They are indeed the first to have 24-bit sound thanks to the new SSC Hi-Fi codec. a very rich and detailed sound thanks to a much wider dynamic range by processing 256 times more sound data than their predecessors. Moreover, in addition to Bluetooth 5.3 LE Audio connectivity and Dolby Atmos compatibility, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the first in this range to carry three ultra-sensitive microphones per earphone, resulting in optimal filtration of ambient noise and great clarity of sound during phone calls.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro in-ear headphones

Alongside these practical headphones for both professional and personal life, Samsung has unveiled its new generation connected watches, the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro. While Google recently introduced its first version of smartwatches, Samsung intends to compete with the Apple Watch with both of these models featuring health and wellness tracking features. Without major evolution on the design side, but with a larger battery and faster charging than the Galaxy Watch4, these watches will satisfy the requirements of business travelers concerned about their health as well as their body.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro, presented as “ the strongest and complete ever offered by Samsung” and with a large battery, is the first of the Korean group to meet the expectations of sporty travelers. Its new compatibility with the GPX format notably enables users to download itineraries and be guided by vibrations or voice instructions, all the way back to the starting point. Ideal therefore for hiking or cycling or even running, in addition to music since it is possible to launch a song on Spotify simply by voice, thanks to Google Assistant and Bixby. In addition, the Galaxy Watch5 expands its scope post-workout phase, rest and recoveryindicating to its user that it is time to rest or to drink such quantity of water according to the estimated perspiration.

These analyzes are based on data provided by BioActive, Samsung’s in-house sensor already embedded in previous models. But, through better contact with the wrist and an extended surface, this new generation of connected watches further improves the monitoring of health parameters. Using a single chip, Bio Active combines three sensors that offer comprehensive measurements of heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure or stress level. The whole allowing, for example, to carry out electrocardiograms at any time. Another novelty, a new infrared temperature sensor will eventually make it possible to take reliable measurements, even in the event of variations in ambient temperature. Finally, the Galaxy Watch5 also looks at the quality of sleep, going as far as a Coaching function and a personalized program over four to five weeks to improve the user’s sleep.

Marketed, like the Galaxy Z Fold4, next august 26, the Galaxy Watch5 will be available in graphite, blue and silver colors for the 44 mm version, in graphite, rose gold and silver for the 40 mm version. For its part, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, with a 45 mm dial, will be available in black and titanium. For a price ranging from 299 euros for the 40mm Galaxy Watch5 Bluetooth to 519 euros for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Bluetooth and 5G.