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Samira qualified for the Masterchef final… but she will not participate

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The mechanics of the game were changed at the last minute and it is therefore Clara, second in the Maury test, who is selected directly for the final banquet. Marc-Amaury and Zachary will face off next Tuesday at the start of the show to join her. One of the two will join Clara for the event of the final banquet, with the key in the event of victory the sum of 100,000 euros.

As for our compatriot Samira, she takes things philosophically. “I was able to get out of the hospital quickly and I was still able to say hello to them during the filming and say goodbye to the chefs, laughs Samira. The more I progressed in the competition, the more I thought have my chances. But I have no regrets. I prefer my son 1000 times to win a contest on TV.”

The Belgian candidate received as a proposal to participate in the final selections for a next season. “But given the audiences, I’m not sure there will be one…”

In the immediate future, Samira has a few projects on the go, but she cannot mention them all yet, for reasons of confidentiality. “For now, I am continuing my job as a childcare worker. My dream would be to be able to continue cooking on TV, on the radio or on the networks and who knows, maybe one day open my restaurant with my husband Karim, with a fusion cuisine project as we presented it in My Tiny Restaurant on Tipik. »