You are currently viewing Saints Row D1: The new game available on PS5 is already on sale at -29%

Saints Row D1: The new game available on PS5 is already on sale at -29%

The Day One edition of Saints Row has barely been released, but this new game for PS5 is already offering a nice reduction on Amazon.

Saints Row is a series of mythical open-world games, with biting humor and a crazy atmosphere. The latest episode is a reboot of the franchise, designed to appeal to old fans and new players alike. The Day One Edition was just released on PS5, but it’s already on sale! Amazon offers it at 49.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros, a decrease of 29%. This includes The Idols Anarchy Pack DLC, which adds some cosmetic accessories for the heroes of the game.

Saints Row D1: an open-world in the southwestern United States

Developed by Volition studio and published by Deep Silver, this open-world action-adventure game takes place in the fictional town of Santo Ileso in the American Southwest. In the skin of the “Boss”, you are at the head of a gang of thugs, in opposition to the three other bands which have control of the city. It’s up to you to explore the different neighborhoods and indulge in various criminal activities to establish the domination of your clan.

An action-adventure game for PS5 with the air of GTA

In this GTA-like, of course, you have all kinds of weapons at your disposal, but also more or less legal vehicles, to move around as you please and face the thugs of the city of Santo Ileso. Among the novelties of this opus, there are more vertical environments, for a more dynamic exploratione, as well as new criminal activities, such as the possibility of creating fake companies to launder your money. It’s up to you to be a villain in Saints Row on PS5!

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