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Ryanair CEO salary controversy: ‘It’s just outrageous’

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Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary’s salary has returned to pre-coronavirus levels, according to the low-cost airline’s annual report, as reported by Irish newspaper Irish Examiner. The boss had voluntarily halved his salary during the crisis while the pilots had had to give up 20% of their remuneration. This increase in Michael O’Leary’s salary is “a slap for the pilots” Belgians, who have, for their part, no similar perspective, lambasted the CNE and the ACV Puls on Tuesday. The CEO earned some 975,000 euros during the last financial year. This is 290% more than the year previous year, when he had voluntarily halved the fixed part of his salary, which had gone from 500,000 to 250,000 euros.He also had not received a bonus that year, which explains the difference so high.

Pilots also lost 20% of their salaries during the crisis. For them, however, there is no prospect of normalization. “There’s no mountain of debt at all“, believes Hans Elsen, permanent secretary of the ACV Puls. “There is enough money to bring pilot salaries back to pre-pandemic levels as well. It is simply a political decision, a choice made by Ryanair. It’s just outrageous“, abounds Didier Lebbe, permanent secretary of the CNE.

To date, no agreement has been reached between the pilots and Ryanair regarding the return of wages to their previous level. Several strikes, the last of which dates back to last weekend, have taken place in recent weeks for this reason. According to the Christian Union, the company has proposed to only bring pilot salaries back to pre-Covid levels in 2027.”A frankly absurd proposal, with which the Belgian pilots obviously do not agree“, conclude ACV Puls and CNE.