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Russia, the new paradise for Chinese car brands

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Sales doubled

A hasty departure that benefited car manufacturers from China. Russia still maintaining good relations with China, it has established a partnership for the assembly and distribution of Chinese models on its territory. A strategy that quickly materialized, with the first Chinese cars leaving the former Renault factory in Moscow in November, bringing the Moskvitch badge back to life at the same time.

But Geely, Chery, Haval, the most important Chinese manufacturers, have also multiplied their registrations in the country. From January to November 2022, they went from 8,235 to 16,138 units. A score that allows them to now take 31.3% market share, or almost a third! Although it is still dominated by national brands (Lada, GAZ, UAZ, etc.), Chinese brands are better at generating value, being positioned in the upper segments, neglected by Westerners. In value, it is therefore the Chinese brands that perform!

China takes on the biggest country in the world

A real opportunity, the Russian car market amounting to around 800,000 annual registrations. As in France and Europe, Chinese automakers are on the rise. Gone are the low-end and dangerous models of twenty years ago. Chinese cars are now well finished, technological, safe, and cut prices on top of all that. For 2023, they will strengthen their presence in the country, and their market share is already estimated at 35% in the coming months. A presence which should be more assertive in the coming years, and profoundly modify the automotive landscape, both Russian and European.