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Romance or simple game? Two Star Ac’ students kiss in the halls of the castle

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A new week of learning and challenges has begun for the students of Star Academy 2022. At the end of the bonus this Saturday, October 22, thanks to their excellent performance on the set of TF1, Ahcène and Julien were saved by the public and the academicians, which allowed them to return to the castle. This Sunday, after taking stock of the last bonus with the scenic expression teacher and after taking a new singing lesson alongside Adeline Toniutti, the students had the chance to have dinner with four former Star Ac candidates. ‘: Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Mario Barravecchia, Carine Haddadou and Patrice Maktav. The opportunity for them to provide valuable advice to the new class of 2022.

After this privileged moment, it was time for relaxation and fun for the students of the castle. During the evening, while they were exchanging advice for the rest of the competition, Chris and Julien got closer. Chris first advised his comrade to be more serious during the evaluations in order to avoid being named again this week. The two boys then kissed three times in front of the cameras. If some Internet users have seen in this rapprochement the beginning of a love story between the two candidates, the images rather suggest that it was a simple challenge between friends. At least for the moment.

One thing is certain: these sequences reacted en masse on Twitter. “Oh my God, Julien and Chris”, “Chris, he grabs Julien by the waist. We want more!”, “Uh, kisses between Julien and Chris, will they be getting together soon?”, “It can be seen that Stan is jealous”, “They are so cute, I would like to see them as a couple”, “It’s just a delirium, I think”, can we read among the many reactions on the web. So, simple friendship or the beginning of a romantic rapprochement between the two students? Business to follow.