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Rising prices in supermarkets: these new habits of Belgian consumers

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1Wait for promotions

While own brands continue to attract more and more customers, the study finds in particular that the majority of Belgians questioned now adapt to promotions to complete their purchases. Race results? 3 out of 5 consumers admit to sometimes waiting longer before going to the supermarket.

2Combine offers

Another finding: Belgians are increasingly comparing prices. Thus, half of the respondents indicate that they combine several supermarkets more often since the price increases. And this, in order to benefit from the lowest prices at this time.

Still according to iVOX, one in four respondents has even completely changed their usual supermarket.

3Turn more often to discounters

And, because they are looking for the lowest prices, Belgians – almost 60% – therefore tend to turn more often to the country’s two main discounters, namely Aldi and Lidl.

According to the study, it is mainly young adults (under 34) who choose the discount. In this age group, 64% confirm that they go frequently to Aldi or Lidl, compared to 56% of 35-54 year olds and 49% of over 55 year olds.

Another interesting figure: about 10% of consumers who never went to a discounter admit to going there now.

For the Belgians surveyed, the good value for money of the products (64%), savings on the budget (45%) and interesting promotions (43%) are among the main reasons cited to explain this change in behaviour.