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Review – Razer Seiren BT –

Razer continues to surprise us with this time, a device for smartphones. A handy little Bluetooth mic for streamers on the go or for IRL Lives.

Small, but mighty.

Razer is trying to diversify even more. And with more and more IRL streamers. Razer arrives with an ultra practical solution. The Seiren BT. A small microphone designed for smartphones and compact to be taken everywhere.

The strength of the Seiren BT is that it is directional and therefore will pick up less of the sounds around you. However, it will not erase them, we are not on a microphone designed to pick up only you. The other strength is that the BT connection will allow you to be able to move away from your smartphone and thus be more free.

Who has never wanted a microphone that allows you to move at least 15m away from your smartphone? With its attack for clothing and these 14 grams, you will quickly forget it. It also has a jack for connecting headphones and thus knowing exactly what the microphone is picking up. A point that should not be forgotten.

In terms of audio quality, we are far from what Razer is used to offering us, but for a first version, it will do what is expected of it. In addition, it is supplied with these very practical antipop foams.

We were able to test it in conferences, at Gamescom in noise, etc. And pleasantly surprised us especially that its price is much lower than what the competition is doing on the market and sometimes for better quality (The razer is of better quality…)

Finally, not much to say about the Seiren BT. Here we have a compact wireless microphone that does what is expected of it. We can only advise you.