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Return to Karazhan: WoW Shadowlands Season 4 M+ Summit Guide

Season 4 of Shadowlands is coming and with it several old dungeons, including Legion’s Return to Karazhan. Here is a quick guide to the M+.

Lots of new dungeons are available for Season 4 of World of Warcraft : Shadowlands. Of the eight dungeons available in Mythic+, six of them come from Battle for Azeroth, Legion and Warlords of Draenor.

The fourth dungeon chosen by Blizzard is the continuation of the “Return to Karazhan”. This dungeon can be surprising, especially in terms of the mechanics that must be applied. Here is our guide.

Road Back to Karazhan: MM+ Summit in WoW Shadowlands Season 4

The dungeon is overall a large straight line so you don’t have a lot of options on the road. If at any time you are afraid of running out of percentage, you can kill bats (2.37% per bat) or an additional group of wyrms.

The detailed route is on, if you want to download it in your Mythic Dugeon Tool visit the site.

Return to Karazhan Strategy: Top MM+ in WoW Shadowlands Season 4

For this dungeon we will study the monsters and the important skills then the bosses. Let’s start with a few enemy spells to deal with:

  • Interrupt the spells of the first spirits in front of the stairs.
  • Dodge AoEs against the Golems.
  • Watch out for the boss patrols in the great room.

Curator’s Strategy

This boss has two phases. During the first, he consumes his energy to cast spells. During the second phase, it becomes immobilized and you must inflict as much damage as possible on it.

During the first phase, he will use two skills. He invokes Volatile energies running around the room dealing damage to all players. You must kill them quickly and try to stay slightly spread out to avoid taking too much damage.

Finally, the Curator slowly fills the room with AoEs. You must therefore not move too far apart from each other otherwise the AoEs, which target you, will occupy all the space.

After killing this bossyou will mostly confront an eredar and a demon.

  • One or two people should always be in the impact zone of Felbomb.
  • In the next room, just before Medivh, watch out for the flames coming out of the ground.

Medivh’s Shadow Strategy

Medivh will cast a whole battery of spells until he reaches 100% mana. At the moment, it casts an ultimate skill. This skill will be chosen randomly from three.

Here are the spells that Medivh casts while recovering his mana:

Possible ultimate skills of Medivh are as follows:

  • crown of flames. The two targeted people must absolutely not move and no one must enter their circle of fire. When in doubt, no one moves when this spell is cast.
  • Conversely, whenincessant winter, you have to move and jump all the time.
  • The last skill is Image of the Guardian. Adds will appear all around the room. You have to interrupt them as much as possible and kill them one by one quickly.

When you go down, you will have several adds to face. Most often take only one spider. You can also take an extra tome.

Mana Devourer Strategy

The Mana Devourer will gain Mana throughout the fight. Once it reaches 100%, it kills the group. However when he reaches 50% of his mana, he releases balls of energy that will move towards himlowering his mana to 0%. If the balls hit him, he recovers a large part of his mana.

If a player touches a ball, it disappears but the player suffers damage a permanent debuff.

To deal with this boss, the tank must stand at the outer limit of the Devourer’s hitbox and grab the balls. If he can’t, DPS must help.

You can remove your permanent debuff by walking in empty areas who will appear in the room.

After this boss, you will face a number of Mana Wyrms. They inflict significant damage but nothing more.

Subsequent adds can knock anyone in front of them into the air. Be careful not to have your back to the void if you are facing the monsters.

Board Strategy

In this confrontation, you must kill the King. Only the King takes 90% less damage due to a buff. The only way to remove – temporarily – this buff is to kill one of the other pieces on the chessboard.

The strategy for this matchup is to kill a piece and then use offensive CDs to do as much damage as possible within the King’s vulnerability window. Once the latter has become almost immortal again, the process must be repeated.

There are 6 pieces on the chessboard: 1 Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 1 Rooks. The priority list is as follows: Bishop, Knight, Rook, Queen.

These pieces move like in a real chess game. Being in their path or one space away after one of their moves is extremely dangerous so keep an eye on the pieces at all times. After each movement, the squares towards which a piece can move light up to allow you to plan your positioning a little in advance.

Once the King is dead, you can move on to the last room of the dungeon.

Viza’duum Strategy

This boss is particularly long, with three distinct phases taking place on different platforms.

During all phases, shoot the tank from fire lasers. You can interrupt them and the healer must dispel the debuff applied to the tank as soon as possible.

He will also aim for a play with Disintegration. Everyone must dodge the ray that will go in its direction.

Finally, it will apply chaotic shadows on a player. After a few moments – or when dispelled – the debuff causes a set to appear explosive orbs around the target. It is absolutely necessary to avoid its orbs.

During phase 1, in addition to these mechanics, you will have to dodge projectiles fired from Legion ships.

Finally, a player will be the target of Acquiring a target. It must constantly move as it is chased by a ray that leaves areas of fire damage on the ground. Continue until the boss has 66% hit points. Phase 2 begins.

During phase 2, he teleports to a ship. You have to reach it by running towards itbe careful with Decays that he will shoot to knock you down.

During this phase, the players targeted by the debuff chaotic shadows must stand at the edges of the room to save space.

At 33% health points, the boss goes into phase 3.

This time the boss will channel a long spell. Collect the adds between you and the boss and only interrupt the channel at the last second to save time. The rest of the phase is similar to phase 2, a few more adds will appear.

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