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Restaurant sues customer who left $3,000 tip but didn’t pay

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Pennsylvania restaurant sues customer for over $3,000 after customer has left a very generous tip for a waitress and then disputed the amount charged to her credit card, leaving the restaurant to shell out the money for her waitress.

Mariana Lambert, waitress at Alfredo’s Pizza Coffee located at ScrantonPennsylvania, was thrilled when a customer tipped several thousand dollars for her service. She felt like she had hit the jackpot, until the generous customer decided to get the money back and the restaurant sued the man.

The customer, identified as Eric Smith, had ordered a dish that cost just $13.25. He charged the item to his credit card, added the $3,000 tip, and wrote: “Tips for Jesus”. The customer claimed the generous tip was part of a social media movement called “Tips for Jesus“.

The waitress, who was “shocked“, said it was an extremely generous gesture that “really touched my heart“, at a time when many people and businesses were recovering from COVID.

It touched me a lot, because everyone goes through hardships“, she said.

But Mariana learned that the generous customer wasn’t so generous after all, and disputed the charge with her credit card company. However, the restaurant had already released the $3,000 to the waitress.

When the restaurant contacted the customer about the charge he was disputing, he hoped it was just a big misunderstanding and started talking with him through Facebook. Restaurant management hoped to resolve the incident, but, after several of their messages went unanswered, they had to appeal to the magistrate’s office and file charges.

Zachary Jacobsonthe manager of Alfredo’s Coffeedescribed the whole ordeal as “serious”.

We’re just plain out of money at this point and he told us to sue him, so that’s what we’ll end up doing I guess“, said Jacobson at WNEP News.

The manager said that initially, when his waitress received the impressive tip, he was happy for her and thought to himself that “someone was trying to do something good“.

Three months later, nothing has been resolved. He hopes they will win in court and get their $3,000 back.

In the meantime, he calls Mariana a “hardworking” waitress who deserved the money.

I hope he owns up to his actions and shows up and pays because you shouldn’t have done this if that was the end result.“, he said.