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Rebound in the Dylan affair

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We recently revealed to you the complaint filed by a woman, accusing Bob Dylan of sexual assault on her person almost 60 years ago, complaint then withdrawn. The artist’s defense now goes on the attack.

In this case made public, the legal team of Bob Dylan already denounced a “simulacrum of justice” and a first hearing had been able to demonstrate inconsistencies on the part of the complainant (designated by the initials JC), who was only 12 years old at the time of the alleged facts… Her lawyers did not had not followed up.

A new lawsuit, this time filed by Dylan’s attorneys, alleges that Daniel Isaacs and Peter Gleason — lawyers for the now 69-year-old accuser — were responsible for ‘brazen blackmail’ of the singer after they filed the complaint initial in August 2021.

“Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gleason should not have brought this action — charging the defendant with a heinous crime — if they did not intend to plead him responsibly,” the lead attorney wrote. of Dylan, Orin Snyder, in an August 4 letter to the judge received by Billboard. “It is more than appropriate to hold them accountable.”

While this case is over, Dylan’s lawyers are therefore asking for damages. The exact amount has not been disclosed, but it likely covers the cost of fees for the “false, malicious, reckless and defamatory” lawsuit based on allegations by a – we quote – “psychic” who once said having been “abducted by aliens and piloted their spacecraft”.