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Real-time tracking comes to the iPhone – Belgium iPhone

This is one of the functions that most enchanted users. Real-time tracking is available in iOS 16 Beta 4.

When iOS 16 was announced at the last WWDC, one of the standout features was the arrival of “real-time” notifications. These notifications will allow the user to have live data. Apple has named this new type of notification “Live Activities“.

Good news, the new version of the developer beta of iOS 16 gives developers the opportunity to get used to this new style of notification. Indeed, Apple has just made the ActivityKit framework available to developers. Thanks to this new module, developers will be able to have fun creating dynamic notifications that will look like widgets.

A live follow-up

The objective of this new feature is to provide the user with different information on their smartphone live. This “Live Activities” feature helps each user to follow in real time the information that interests him directly from the locked screen. The iPhone will be able to display data relative to:

  • a sporting event,
  • statistics of a workout in progress,
  • carpooling information
  • an order placed with a meal delivery service.

Note that you will have to be patient before using “Live Activities“. Indeed, Apple announces that this functionality will not be directly accessible in iOS 16. The deployment of this novelty will be done later in the year. “Live Activities” will also not be available in the public beta.

All the documentation concerning ActivityKit is available directly on the Apple website.

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