Real estate: the instant purchase formula is progressing

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Since 2020, Wesold has been buying real estate, modernizing it and then putting it back on the market. According to the start-up, interest in Instant Buying is appealing. Even if it is still marginal.

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Po sell real estate, owners have a choice. Either they take care of finding a buyer themselves. Either, they leave this work to a real estate agency or a notary. Or, they opt for a life annuity. For some time now, another formula has been added: Instant Buying or I-Buying. Its principle is identical to that of the purchase-sale that exists for furniture, TVs or cars.

In details ? An owner who wishes to sell submits a request for an estimate on an I-Buying website. He details the condition of his property and its location. The site then checks whether this corresponds to its purchase criteria. In case of green light, a visit is organized. Then, within 48 hours, an offer is made, “without charge or commitment”.

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