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Razer Edge 5G: a new portable console that supports 5G

A decade after the fall of the PSP, the portable console is making a comeback. The Nintendo Switch is no longer the only one to dominate the market. Valve with the Steam Deck or Aya with its Neo range are in the game. Razer also wants to impose itself on the market. The gaming component manufacturer has just presented its very first portable console, the Razer Edge 5G, which stands out for its 5G support.

5G, Android and 4K

Edge 5G, so this is the name of the new portable console from Razer. It bears its name very well. Indeed, the video game console, like the latest smartphones, will support 5G thanks to a collaboration with Verizon. This means that he will be able to access the Internet via mobile data. This is a major advantage since all portable consoles already on the market are limited to Wi-Fi and, in the case of the Nintendo Switch, to a wired connection. This option will allow gamers to continue to enjoy a very high speed mobile connection wherever they are.

Razer’s new portable console also shares its operating system with smartphones. Yes, the Edge 5G works on Android and not on Windows like the Aya Neo Next II or SteamOS like the SteamDeck. It will therefore not be a question of playing PC games, but rather mobile games. The choice is particularly wide in view of Android’s impressive catalog of video games. This also means that the Razer Edge 5G will not be a direct competitor of the consoles mentioned above and even less of the Big N Switch.

Despite this, Razer is not keen to be intimidated by other players in the market. The manufacturer has signed a great collaboration with Qualcomm to equip its new console with the famous SnapDragon G3x Gen1 chip. The latter, specially dedicated to gaming, would be one of the most powerful on the market. This chip also allows the little beast to offer a 4K display at a frequency of 144 fps and with support for 10-bit HDR.

The platform will be tailored for Cloud Gaming on mobile. The presence of the Xbox logo in the teaser suggests that Game Pass Ultimate will be favored on the console. This will be one more advantage for Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming service to face PlayStation Plus and GeForce Now. Haptic engine, Wi-Fi 6E, immersive sound system or fast charging will also be part of the features and functions available on the new video game console.

Few details and no release date

Despite its desire to wow gamers, Razer has remained tight-lipped about other details about the Edge 5G. Not that the console isn’t ready yet. Instead, the Singaporean firm reserves the most important details for RazerCon 2022. The portable console will be officially presented in detail during this event, which will be held on October 15. The release date could also be disclosed during this convention specially dedicated to Razer. See you in two weeks!