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Queen Máxima releases the Stuart tiara with its imposing diamond to honor the invitation of the Swedish sovereigns

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On Tuesday, October 11, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden invited King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to a State dinner offered to conclude their first day of State visit to Sweden. Queen Máxima honored her guests by wearing the full version of the Stuart Tiara, topped with the imposing 39.75-carat Stuart Tiara.

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Queen Máxima honors Swedish sovereigns with the Stuart Tiara

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands are on a three-day state visit from October 11 to 13 to Sweden. At the end of the first day of their visit to Stockholm, their hosts, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, treated them to the traditional dinner or state banquet. The King and Queen of Sweden were surrounded by their two eldest children and their stepchildren.

Queen Silvia, Queen Máxima, King Willem-Alexander and King Carl XVI Gustaf greet the guests (Photo: Henrik Garlöv/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

Crown Princess Victoria wore her Napoleonic amethyst tiara, Princess Sofia her palmette wedding tiara and Queen Silvia her prestigious Braganza tiara. Queen Máxima had also chosen, like Queen Silvia, to release one of her most imposing and prestigious tiaras.

Queen Silvia wears a fuchsia pink George and Arend dress, the blue and yellow ribbon of Grand Cross of the Order of the Dutch Lion and the Tiara of Braganza. Next to Queen Máxima in a Jan Taminiau dress with the Stuart diadem and the blue ribbon of member of the Order of Seraphim (Photo: Robin UtrechtABACAPRESS.COM)

Queen Máxima wore the Stuart tiara, a jewel she wears regularly at galas and state dinners but in its lighter version. The tiara can be worn without the imposing Stuart tiara that tops it. Like this Tuesday, it was for example also in a dress signed Jan Taminiau that Queen Máxima had attended the state banquet organized on the occasion of her state visit to Germany in July 2021. She also wore the tiara of the Stuarts, but it had not reserved for the German President the privilege of attaching the central diamond to it.

Detail of the gold setting on the back of the Stuart tiara on October 11, 2022 on the head of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands in Stockholm (Photo: Albert Nieboer/DPA/ABACAPRESS)
In July 2021, Queen Máxima had already worn a Jan Taminiau dress and the Stuart tiara for the state dinner in Germany but the tiara did not include the central tiara (Photo: Mischa Schoemaker/Abacapress)

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The Queen of the Netherlands wears the tiara in its full version with the Stuart tiara

Máxima had dared to wear this tiara for the first time at the State dinner in Luxembourg, in 2018. This appearance had created the event at the time because it had not been seen on the head of a queen since the Queen Juliana wore it in 1971. However, the tiara was barely recognizable, as Máxima dared not wear it with the large diamond.

Queen Máxima wears the Stuart Tiara with the 39.75 carat Stuart Diamond at the State Banquet in Sweden, with a pink Jan Taminiau dress and the ribbon of the Order of Seraphim (Photo: Robin UtrechtABACAPRESS.COM)

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The tiara is recognizable by this unusually sized diamond at the top of the jewel. The large pear-shaped rose-cut diamond is 39.75 carats and has a slightly bluish color. The tiara bears the name of Stuart in reference to this stone having belonged to King William II and Queen Mary II of England. This co-reign was quite special in the history of England, especially since William II was a prince of Orange.

Queen Máxima seated at a table in the Charles XI Gallery of the Royal Palace in Stockholm at the State dinner hosted by the Swedish sovereigns in honor of the Dutch State visit (Photo: Robin UtrechtABACAPRESS.COM)

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On the death of William II in 1702, the diamond returned to the Netherlands, to the family of this King of England of Dutch origin. But this diamond has not always sat in the center of a tiara. In 400 years, it found itself at the center of a brooch, then as a pendant around the neck and finally, it was in 1897 that Queen Wilhelmina was the first to wear it on a tiara.

In reality, according to Court Jeweler, it was Queen Emma who had the jewel made so that her daughter Wilhelmina could wear it during her investiture ceremony. The jewel was worn on several occasions by Queen Juliana, who chose to wear it for her birthday party in 1962. Like Queen Máxima later, she had the idea of ​​wearing the Stuart tiara during a state banquet hosted by Elizabeth II in 1972.

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