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Queen Elizabeth to open pub on her Sandringham property

The British Royal Family will never cease to amaze us, especially when it comes to culinary affairs! As a natural extension of its activities in gin and champagne making (the first being flavored with plants picked in the garden of Buckingham, the second made from grapes harvested in Kent and West Sussex), the new activities of the Queen of England will also concern the pub and restaurant management.

More concretely, the royal property of Sandringhamin the Norfolk, plans to transform one of its buildings, which was a social club opened in the early 20th century. Its doors had to close in 2020 due to the pandemicwhich logically led to a drop in subscriptions.

The establishment adopts a typical Edwardian style recognizable by its two low floors and its red clay bricks.

The property developer’s announcement mentions, on the ground floor, a space dedicated to main bara billiard room and two rooms with garden view and a boudoir restricted for a more confidential service.

Upstairs, it will also be necessary to find a function for the three rooms available, at bathroom and at the kitchen. These spaces could very well be suitable for future tenants, unless they prefer to rent them out.