You are currently viewing Queen Elizabeth II’s collector’s Barbie is selling for gold on the internet (photo)

Queen Elizabeth II’s collector’s Barbie is selling for gold on the internet (photo)

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Released on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II, the Barbie doll has been very popular since the death of the Queen.

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Last April, the American toy giant Mattel had on sale, in limited edition, a Barbie doll bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a white dress and a blue scarf displaying two ribbons and medallions of the Royal family.

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The toy was released on the occasion of the monarch’s platinum jubilee, and sold at that time for 75 dollars (+/- 74 euros currently).

Now, since the death of Elizabeth II, these Barbie dolls reappear on second-hand sites. And they sell for gold, noticed Le Parisien. Indeed, some sellers offer the Elizabeth II figurine for sale for several hundred euros.

This ranges from 400 to more than 1,000 euros! On Ebay, many are trying to sell it for more than 1,200 euros. Our French colleagues even came across a person who asked for 5099 dollars (+/- 5032 euros) in exchange for the Royal Barbie.

As soon as there was the first press release reporting worrying news on health (from Elizabeth II, editor’s note), on Thursday around 2 p.m., I received six offers in two hours. I took the opportunity to increase my selling price to 700 euros. And at the news of his death, the prices tripled or even quadrupled “, testified a seller to the Parisian.