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Queen Elizabeth II is no more: cannons, bells and new king’s speech on Friday’s program

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Charles had become much more present in recent months, increasingly replacing, along with his eldest son William, his mother due to what the palace said were mobility issues.

He spoke for the first time Thursday evening in a statement to share the “very great sadness“of his family after death”of a dear sovereign and a beloved mother: I know that her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, kingdoms and commonwealth, and by countless people throughout the world“, he added.

96 cannon shots

During the day, 96 cannons will be fired from several places in the country and the bells of St. Paul, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle will ring. Charles III must then be officially proclaimed king on Saturday by the succession council, meeting at St. James’s Palace in London.

From Joe Biden to Vladimir Poutine via Emmanuel Macron, Pope Francis, footballer Pelé or rocker Mick Jagger, tributes have been unanimous for Elizabeth II.

I feel very sad, I feel like my grandmother died“reacts Tonnie Cunningham, 35, interviewed by AFP in the streets of London.She’s the only monarch I’ve ever known“, observed Margaret Caselton, 75, “extremely sad“.

National mourning

The death of the sovereign, who had limited appearances for one night in the hospital in October 2021, opens a period of national mourning, until her funeral in ten days.

Charles will have a lot to do to preserve the attachment of the British to the monarchy, an institution that some consider outdated but whose prestige Elizabeth II had managed to maintain.