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Quantic Dream leaks Star Wars Eclipse to watch for reactions

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The narrative gaming giant has revealed key information about its new project to test the waters with gamers.

star wars eclipsethis is the project that will follow up on Detroit: Become Human in the line of narrative games signed Quantic Dream. The game was formalized in December 2021 on the occasion of the Game Awards, and it was perhaps a little too early. At least that’s what the latest rumors and leaks about the title suggest. The latest episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast carried by Colin Moriarty (available only behind a Patreon paywall at the time of writing) was the scene of surprising revelations. The former journalist from IGN claims to have got hold of exclusive information regarding the development of the game, which he shared by order… of Quantic Dream himself.

Tom Henderson, another journalist, also confirmed Moriarty’s statements by adding a few details. The screenplay is written by the studio’s Parisian teams, with a strong influence from David Cage. As for an output estimate, the title obviously needs another three to four years of work before being ready. Finally, Quantic Dream would be in great difficulty on the recruiting side, which would have pushed the studio to communicate by an unconventional means: a controlled leak. The teams then try to attract the attention of an entire community and the industry that goes with it by “leaking” the first narrative elements of the game.

A very distant but above all very political galaxy

Wars and other political conflicts are at the heart of the universe Star Wars since its creation. Unsurprisingly, the new Quantic Dream project is no exception to the rule and intends to leave its mark in this galaxy with an ambitious scenario. Some purist fans may go on a crusade when they learn the creation of a new breed. According to exclusive records received by Colin Moriarty, star wars eclipse should follow the story of an unprecedented empire, Zaraan, led by a humanoid race. A member of this people, a certain Sarah, thirty years old with an athletic silhouette, will take her place as the protagonist. The game will be anchored in a moral fight between the young woman and the person who shares her life according to Moriarty.

When a Zaraan marries, the nuptials have interesting military implications as they become a single political entity ruling together. That’s a problem for Sarah, a fanatical believer in the violence and criminality regularly demonstrated by her empire, who finds herself married to a character named Xendo, who is far more gentle. Part of the game seems to revolve around these two characters and their relationship.

Approaching this universe from this angle makes it possible to change the usual political balance showing “good” and “evil” through the Jedis and the Siths as well as the Resistance and the Empire. As a reminder, star wars eclipse was confirmed to be set in the High Republic era. It will be necessary to be patient before discovering this new approach to the license Star Wars for the PS5, Xbox Series and PC ecosystem.