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Qualified for the final of “Masterchef”, Samira is forced to forfeit

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Planed from eight to six episodes for lack of audiences, master chef was already in the semi-final phase on Tuesday evening. Eight months pregnant during filming, Samira, a childcare worker from Dilbeek, once again shone with her well-executed and creative little dishes. His preparation for the Maury Sacko test also allowed him to obtain his ticket for the grand final of the amateur culinary competition. A last straight line in which the Belgian will unfortunately not be able to participate. And for good reason, her baby arrived shortly before the filming of the last episode. “The production knew that there were risks that I gave birth before the end of the shooting. I was confident because there were only two days of filming left and I thought I would give birth at term, like during my first pregnancy. That was not the case“, explains the candidate who, even without a victory, is the happiest of women. “I have no regrets. I am neither sad nor depressed. My pregnancy and delivery went well. I have my son in my arms. The hormones of happiness are there.

No chance for Samira to arrange with the production to postpone the filming of the finale. “After giving birth, I am obliged to rest at least 8 weeks. It was impossible to wait all this time to shoot the final.

Second in the Maury Sacko event, Clara was therefore drafted to participate in the final banquet. Zachary or Marc-Amaury, who will face each other next Tuesday at the start of the show, will join her on the final stage of the competition. “I will watch the final with my baby“, explains Samira who is delighted for her fellow finalists with whom she is still in contact. The big winner of the competition will receive the promised check for 100,000 euros.

Although she missed out on the victory of Masterchef, Samira has lots of plans. “For now, I’m still a childcare worker, but I’d like to stop everything and live from the kitchen. My dream would be to open a restaurant in Brussels where customers can eat while attending a small concert“, explains the Belgian who would also love to have her own ““cooking” column on the radio, on television or elsewhere“.