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PSVR 2: exciting new features presented by Sony

After a long silence and an unbearable suspense in 2021, Sony is finally more talkative when it comes to PSVR 2. Last February, the Japanese giant officially presented its next virtual reality headset while revealing some crisp details about it . Sony does it again by disclosing, this time, the new features that will be offered on the VR headset. They have enough to convince the public and make the competition tremble.

A much better headset than the PSVR

Last February, the PSVR 2 made the headlines in gaming news after its official presentation by Sony. The new generation of virtual reality headset is much better than the previous one. Among these notable features were the resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye offered by the OLED panel, the 110 degree field of view, the refresh rate of up to 120 Hz or the Tobii eye tracking system.

With these new features, the VR headset provides an experience worthy of the performance of the PlayStation 5. The new features that come with it will further enhance the immersion.

The transparent view

The transparent view on the PSVR 2 is quite handy. When enabled, you could see your surroundings without having to take off the headset. Of course, you won’t see actual images, but rather those recorded by the cameras and then displayed on the OLED screen. The transparent view is a real advantage in terms of comfort. It also allows you to interrupt the game to find your controller, for example, without removing your helmet.


Sony has thought of streamers who are more and more numerous among gamers. With the PSVR 2, it will be possible to display the current game, but also the streamer who is playing it. To do this, it will be enough to connect a camera to Sony’s home console, namely the PS5.

Personalization of space

The gamer does not always have a large space to play a VR game with the PSVR 2 headset. Sony knows that. That’s why, on the PSVR 2, it will be possible to extend the game space manually while excluding elements that get in the way. This functionality will be accessible via the controller of the virtual reality headset.

Two display modes

The PSVR 2 will offer two display modes. The first, the VR mode, will immerse the gamer in a 360-degree space with a resolution of 4000 x 2040 HDR and a frequency of 90 Hz to 120 Hz. The second, the cinematic mode, will be used to display the PS5 interface.

Still no release date

Although Sony has practically detailed the characteristics of the PSVR 2, it has refrained from revealing the release date. We still do not know when the virtual reality headset will arrive in the hands of gamers. Nevertheless, the Japanese firm has promised that this launch date will be revealed soon. Let’s hope she does in the coming weeks!!!