You are currently viewing PSN card 75€ at only 68€, the offer not to be missed

PSN card 75€ at only 68€, the offer not to be missed

If you want to buy a PSN card 75 € cheaper, you can have it for only 68 € thanks to the offer that we present to you in this article!

Currently, it is possible to buy PSN cards at different prices, including €20. But you can still get it at cheaper prices thanks to certain sites like that ofEneba. Eneba is an online store where you can find many cheaper games and consoles.

Currently you can buy the PSN card 70€ at a super low price ! With code 75PSNRDY you can get it for only 68.09 €.

Why buy the PSN card at 68 € on Eneba?

The first and main reason forbuy PSN card 75 € on Enebait is first of all because the card is at the low price of 68.09 € with the code 75PSNRDY. Attention, the code will no longer be valid from Sunday, September 11, 2022!

The second reason is that the seller of the subscription (Ultimate Choice) is very reliable with a rating of 9.83/10 and over 700,000 sales in the last 6 months. The card is also highly rated on the site with a nice 4.15/5 on more than 27 notes!

How to buy a PSN card cheaper on Eneba?

If you are convinced and want to buy a PSN card, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the page of the PSN card at 68.09 € to take advantage of the reduction
  • Go down to the seller” UltimateChoice and click the “Buy Now” button or the “Add to Cart” button if you wish to make further purchases.
  • Pull down the “Have a discount code?” tab. » and enter the code « 75PSNRDY then click continue.
  • Then choose your payment options and press “continue”.
  • You should instantly receive your activation code to enter on PlayStation Network.

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Published on 09/21/2022 at 17:00

By knowiz