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Proximus is asking for your help to improve its V7 Android TV decoder

Quick reminder: distributed on a large scale for nearly two years, the Proximus Pickx V7 decoder (version 7) is based on the Android TV operating system, which allows the installation of additional applications. It’s a rupture with the past and these boxes with a closed, restrained system.

When the device is turned on, the V7 home page brings together a whole series of options. It is possible to switch to live television, consult the VOD catalog (video on demand), consult the list of current programs by category (films, series, discovery, music, etc.).

” I need your help “

Does the philosophy and the design of the homepage suit the subscribers? This is the question that is central to the approach of Proximus and its manager of the V7 decoder user interface.

The Proximus forum dedicated to improving the homepage of the V7 decoder

“Today I need your help, your comments,” says the Proximus expert. “I need your user feedback. I need to know your feelings about a specific subject of V7: the homepage. I have a few questions, like: what do you like about this homepage? What do not you like ? What would you like to have? What do you want to see disappear? Why are you using this homepage? why don’t you use it? what do you think is useless? »

“If we lived in a wonderful world where everything is possible,” she continues, “what would you want to see instead of this homepage? What would you like to see as an element, as a component, as a button, as a thing? Let go. I want to know everything. »

A controversial TV decoder

Apart from the interface and the homepage, the V7 Android decoder from Proximus is the subject of repeated criticism online, in particular on specialized forums. In the line of sight: bugs, quirks and strangely absent features.

The latest TV decoder from Proximus is causing dissatisfaction: essential function missing, bugs, whims…