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Proximus increases its prices (again)!

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It was to be feared, it is confirmed: on January 1, Proximus will increase the prices of a large part of its services.

According to the operator, the overall increase is calculated at 4 to 6% more than what the hundreds of thousands of its customers are currently paying. The previous price increase at Proximus dates from May 1 (the Flex packs had then experienced an increase of 3 to 4 euros per month).

From January, Proximus will charge an additional 3 to 4.5 euros per month for most of the packages it offers. The fixed internet rate, spared until now, will also change this time. The Maxi Internet subscription will be 3 euros more expensive, rising to 54.99 euros per month or 59.99 euros on fiber. Internet Essential, the cheapest residential Internet subscription from Proximus, will however remain at 25 euros per month.

On the mobile side, phew of relief for customers: the monthly price of Mobilus subscriptions will not change, but Proximus will adjust the price of certain older products and will also make out-of-bundle data consumption and call minutes more expensive for customers. prepaid.

Scarlet also concerned

The price of a fixed telephone line increases by 1.5 euros per month to 26.13 euros. Proximus is also adjusting certain tariffs for its low-cost Scarlet brand. The Loco Internet formula (unlimited internet) goes from 32 to 34 euros per month, the Trio Pack (internet, TV and fixed line) from 40 to 42 euros per month.

In justification of this increase, Proximus again mentions the high inflation. “This leads to a significant increase in costs, especially for wages, energy and prices for technological equipment,” explains the company.