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Provisional departure of Ryanair: Brussels Airport reacts

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According to Brussels Airport officials, although Ryanair is leaving Zaventem this winter, the airport’s activity will not be greatly affected.

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RYanair has decided to no longer use Zaventem as an airport base this winter, but this will not disrupt the offer of destinations at Brussels Airport, Brussels airport officials reacted on Wednesday. Currently, Ryanair accounts for 8% of total passenger traffic at Brussels Airport.

“Although Ryanair’s activities contribute to the overall offer of Brussels Airport, there are other airlines which serve all these destinations, except for Pisa and Amman. Brussels Airport expects other airlines to offer their services to these destinations”, comments the airport authority.

Earlier in the day, the boss of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, announced that he was going to temporarily close his base in Zaventem, where two planes are parked, during the winter aeronautical season. The businessman justified this decision by increased airport prices and the federal tax on airline tickets. The carrier will however continue to serve Brussels Airport, but with reduced frequencies. Mr O’Leary added that there was no guarantee that his business would return to Zaventem in the summer.

Directly targeted by the Irishman about airport taxes, Brussels Airport officials replied that they had consulted the airlines on this subject. “The 2023-2027 tariff proposal is currently being analyzed by the economic regulator, which will make a decision by the end of the year. This proposal includes an increase in prices to take into account the sharp increase in energy prices and very high inflation which has a strong impact on the cost of airport operations”, defends the Brussels airport.