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Promoting scams? Justice opens an investigation into the practices of the company for influencers of Magali Berdah

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It may be one of your breakfast reflexes… Or a habit you see in your children: to consult them story of influencers and influencers on social networks… Several times a day, the latter advertise a whole series of products. Highly paid for their product placements, is it legal?

This Sunday, a program has been talked about a lot. Indeed, France 2 broadcast an issue of “Complément d’Enquête” devoted to the business of influencers. On set, Magali Berdah who is at the head of a company that manages the careers of dozens of influencers and influencers (Shauna Events).Hello my little cats, I’m super happy to see you again for a new video which this time will be a make-up tutorial, but not with just any make-up“, exclaims in front of her screen Milla Jasmine, an influencer from reality TV and who now lives in a luxurious villa in Dubai.

Influencers stage themselves in short videos where they extol the merits of different products, with promo codes that would allow subscribers to do good business. With a numberawesome subscribers (some and some of them have millions of followers.)influencers represent an Eldorado for brands, which thus reach an audience that is less and less sensitive to traditional advertising. Well known on social networks, Milla explains to her subscribers:I decided to introduce you to a new brand with which I collaborate. It has very affordable prices.” Whether here, she sells make-up, others, for example, promote fake books, simple cardboard boxes sold at exorbitant prices, or even miracle products, supposed to make you lose weight quickly or plump up your lips. And which would sometimes be ineffective or even downright dangerous.

Justice has opened an investigation for “misleading business practices“against Magali’s influencer agency Berdahone of the main in France, following a complaint made by the rapper Boobawe learned Monday from the Grasse prosecutor’s office. This investigation, opened on September 6, was entrusted to the police station of Antibes, the city where the company of this agent of personalities is registered and which is within the jurisdiction of the court of Grasse.

While Elie Yaffa’s complaint (a.k.a Booba) involved both deceptive marketing practices allegedly committed by Shauna Events and a fraud in an organized gang, the investigation was only opened, in view of the elements of the complaint, for the first qualification, specifies the parquet floor of Grasse. The complaint, initially filed in Paris by the rapper, was sent to him at the end of August.

It takes to heart to denounce what appears to him to be an injustice (…) He makes every effort to shed light on (the middle) influencers who rely on the fake: fake stars, fake products, but real consumer harm“, had said in July to AFP the lawyer of BoobaMr Patrick Klugman.

According to the complaints seen by AFP, “it appears a complex and organized scam system, centralized by the Shauna company Events“, a “system fed by the passivity of social networks and particularly Instagram and Snapchat used by influencers to promote scams“.

These complaints list several consumer testimonials received by the rapper claiming to have been defrauded by companies promoted by influencers linked to Shauna Events : merchandise not received and not refunded, non-compliant products, etc. For several months, Magali Berdah blame on his side Booba of harassment and obtained the opening of an investigation. This is open to the National Pole for the Fight against Online Hate (PNLH) of the Paris prosecutor’s office since June 1, in particular for death threats, harassment by means of electronic communication and public insult on the grounds of origin and sex.

In a press release mid-JulyMagali Berdah accused Booba to target her on social media for several months”by false and humiliating publications“.I have since suffered mass online harassment“, with thousands of daily messages, she confided.

The court had ordered the deletion of the rapper’s Instagram account (“@OKLM”) as well as his Twitter account (@booba). Booba then quickly opened a new Instagram account (“@elieyaffaofficiel”) and appealed to the judge in chambers to request the annulment of the court decision. The Marseille criminal court must give its deliberation in this case on October 3.