You are currently viewing Probation Rift Guide #277: A Fragile But Devastating Witch

Probation Rift Guide #277: A Fragile But Devastating Witch

Diablo 3’s 277th probationary rift is launched in Europe and you can now take advantage of it to recover a cache filled with gold, blood crystals and crafting materials. The Witch that Blizzard puts in your hands is capable of inflicting great damage, but at the cost of a fairly pronounced fragility.

The build comes equipped with the Veil of the Typhoon, Endless March, and Krelm Upgrade Bulwark sets. Yep, three full sets. This gives you several bonuses and we find in Kanai’s Cube the Conclave of the Elements, which will allow you to inflict even more damage during the Fire rotation since your Blizzard is equipped with the Apocalypse rune.

When you arrive in the fault, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Activate your Enchant Weapon and Armor of Storms buffs. Reroll it if you die.
  2. Move with Teleport. You get two charges if you use them quickly.
  3. When you come across big packs or elites, drop a Hydra and drop your meteors on your enemies.

That’s all. The Hydra+Blizzard couple will be enough to kill the majority of enemies. If necessary, relaunch a second Blizzard. On your side, you must stay alive, so move often so as not to find yourself surrounded. The Sorceress is quite weak and will not resist enemy strikes for long. Some monsters will kill you in one shot.

The strategy to apply is therefore quite easy to remember. The first two levels of the Rift aren’t great. So advance to the elites, take the pylons and immediately head to the next level. The third level is much more interesting since it is the Briathorn Cemetery. The density of demons is high there and you will have no trouble reaching 100% in the area. Besides, I only put the first elites on the map because it’s unlikely that many of you will go much further. If so, well you will have no trouble overcoming your enemies.

The guardian of the fault is Frimaire. To overcome it, you can even anticipate and place a Hydra+Meteor so that the damage starts as soon as it appears. He will die in less than 5 seconds.