You are currently viewing Probation Rift Guide #274: Sentinel and Rapid Fire, the winning duo

Probation Rift Guide #274: Sentinel and Rapid Fire, the winning duo

From September 20 to 27, Blizzard offers you a new probationary rift on Diablo 3. The studio offers you to lead a Demon Hunter whose DPS is high enough not to take your head if your objective is to recover the probationary cache .

It’s fun to see that the player has a nice item with Vice Seeker, whose legendary power improves Flurry. Except that the build does not have Burst in the skills. And yes 😀

However, this will not prevent you from overcoming quite easily monsters that will dare to present themselves in front of you. When you get to the Rift, here’s what you need to do:

  • Drop sentries regularly so they kill monsters as you keep moving forward.
  • When you come across a pack of elites or monsters that bother you too much, use Rapid Fire, they will die very quickly.
  • You can activate your companion and Rain of Vengeance for a small DPS gain.
  • If you run out of Hatred, throw Grenades. Anticipate these moments by activating the skill regularly, it will prevent you from finding yourself without hatred in front of a rare monster or the guardian of the fault.
  • Use Smokescreen when in trouble to escape and recover some life.

The first level is gigantic and the detailed map will be very useful for you not to go to uninteresting places. Privilege the elites above all, without forgetting the pylons which will allow you to be even more effective.

The second level is a long corridor. Take the protection pylon, kill the rare monster then go back the other way. The channeling pylon will allow you to swing lots of sentries, it’s quite fun. As soon as Ember appears, launch one or two sentries to prevent him from reacting and finish the guardian with Rapid Fire.