You are currently viewing Probation Rift Guide #266: A One-Click Crusader

Probation Rift Guide #266: A One-Click Crusader

The probationary fault of this end of July is rather simple. She puts us in control of a Crusader equipped with Roland’s Legacy set. Except that instead of using Lashing and Shield Bash, the player only has the second skill. This does not prevent it from being very effective, which gives a fault that is particularly easy to clean.

When entering the fault, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Cast Champion of Akarat and re-roll the buff whenever it becomes available.
  2. Use your Galvanize and Laws of Valor buffs if you feel like it, although it’s not essential.
  3. Use Shield Bash on monsters to kill them. This is your main source of DPS.
  4. When you run out of Wrath, use Cautery on an enemy.

The gameplay is limited, 95% of the time, to right-clicking on monsters to cast Shield Bash. In practice, your Crusader will charge into the monster, which is handy since you’ll use the ability not only to kill your enemies, but also to move much faster.

Go in all directions, right-click on everything you see, obviously favoring elite monsters and large enemies that advance the progress bar.

The first level is tiny, it’s not even worth talking about. The second is already much bigger but there are not 50 paths to take. In addition, you will pass in front of two pylons which will be very practical. I advise you to go kill the rare monster in the lower right corner. Level 3 is more convoluted, so I invite you to take a good look at the map below so as not to get lost and to favor the elites.

If you kill a lot of trash, you should be able to spawn the guardian (Frimas) on the third level. If you only kill the elites, you will have to go to level 4, or even level 5 which is full of enemies. Personally, I didn’t take the lead and Frimas died at level 3. The guardian can’t do anything against you, just chain your shield shots to kill him.

Unless you stand in the explosions or are surrounded by 50 demons without moving, you are unlikely to die often. You should therefore overcome this 266th probationary fault of Diablo 3 with your fingers in your nose.