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Printing electronic documents to be able to rescan them: Onem in absurdity

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Welcome to absurdity. Since confinement, unemployed workers can submit their documents to their union in electronic form. Except that the union is then obliged to print these documents to send them to Onem… which will rescan them.

Take the case of this musician. His name is Michael. He works on contract. “I made fifty-one dates. In my file, I have the contracts, the payslips and the C4s (five pages each). That’s one hundred and fifty-three PDFs that I had to download, rename and then sign electronically. That’s almost two hours of administrative work per week.”

Print PDFs so you can scan them

These electronic documents, Pierre sends them by e-mail to the unemployment service of the FGTB Liège, at David Baar. “We receive the PDF versions of documents from the unemployed, therefore in electronic form, and we are obliged to print them to put them in a slip which we must also print and which we send by post to Onem.

And, at Onem, what are they going to do? They will scan all these paper documents to enter them into their computer system! “

The FGTB Liège unemployment service processed and sent 18,000 files to Onem this year. A good 20 percent were electronic. At five pages the file, that makes 18,000 to print and then rescan.

We tried to contact Onem to get an explanation, without success. We always came across their music on hold. Maybe they were all busy scanning documents…