You are currently viewing Princess Leonor’s two grandmothers attend her big moment in Oviedo

Princess Leonor’s two grandmothers attend her big moment in Oviedo

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Queen Emeritus Sofia surrounded King Felipe, Queen Letizia and their two daughters this Friday in Oviedo. The royal family attended the Princess of Asturias awards ceremony, chaired by Princess Leonor. The teenager could count on the support of her two grandmothers. Besides Queen Sofia, Paloma Rocasolano, mother Queen Letizia, was also present.

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Paloma Rocasolano and Queen Sofia at the Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony

The Princess of Asturias awards, presented by the foundation of the heiress to the throne of Spain, were presented this Friday, October 28 during a ceremony organized at the Campoamor theater in Oviedo. The place brings back good memories to Queen Letizia who was born in Oviedo. For a few years now, Princess Leonor, who will celebrate her 17th birthday in a few days, has herself chaired the ceremony organized by her foundation.

The Royal Family arrive at the Campoamor in Oviedo to present the Princess of Asturias Awards (Photo: PPE Agency/ISOPIX)

Queen Emeritus Sofia, who will turn 84 in a few days, joined the party. Paloma Rocasolano, 70, who never misses this ceremony, was also present in the room. The mother of Queen Letizia, more discreet, was not entitled to a place in the front row. As the royal family entered the theater, Letizia passed by her mother and greeted her.

Paloma Rocasolano, mother of Queen Letizia, was also dressed in blue, like Queen Sofia, mother of King Felipe, to attend the ceremony highlighting their granddaughter (Photo: PPE Agency/ISOPIX)

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For Princess Leonor, this ceremony is certainly the most important of the year, she who does not yet ensure many commitments. The ceremony was organized this Friday to coincide with the return of the Princess of Asturias to Spain. The princess is studying at UWC Atlantic College in Wales and must therefore follow the British school calendar.

Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias, with her paternal grandmother, Queen Emeritus Sofia, in Oviedo (Photo: PPE Agency/ISOPIX)

It was in 2019 that Princess Leonor herself began to preside over this ceremony organized by the Princess of Asturias Foundation. Awarding prizes is the main activity of this foundation, whose objective is to “to contribute to the promotion of all the scientific, cultural and humanistic values ​​which are a universal heritage and which consolidate the existing links between the Principality of Asturias and the title traditionally held by the heirs of the Crown of Spain”, explains Casa Real. The prices are “intended to distinguish the scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work carried out by persons, institutions, groups of persons or institutions on the international scene”.

The winners took the stage to collect their prize near the podium where the members of the royal family were seated (Photo: Alvaro Barrientos/AP/ISOPIX)

Princess Leonor, who became Princess of Asturias in 2014 when her father ascended the throne, has been the foundation’s honorary president ever since. She takes on more and more commitments organized by her foundation, such as attending certain meetings during the year and of course presiding over the main annual awards ceremony. Prizes are awarded in 8 categories. On a daily basis, the princess being still a minor, it is still her parents who manage the presidency on behalf of their eldest daughter.

During the ceremony, the Princess of Asturias gave a speech and then hand delivered the prizes to the winners. King Felipe also gave a speech. The princess wore a sequined Michael Kors dress with palm motifs and borrowed the feather-shaped Chanel earrings from her mother.

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