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Princess Leonor dancing on TikTok: The heiress to the throne of Spain victim of a deepfake

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A video is currently circulating on TikTok, from an account suggesting that the Princess of Asturias would have filmed herself dancing and would have shared this video on the social network popular with young people of her age. Princess Leonor is actually a victim of deepfake, a technique to stick her face on another person’s body.

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Does Princess Leonor of Spain have a TikTok account to post her dance videos there?

For a few hours, the Spanish press has been talking about a TikTok account belonging to Princess Leonor. The heiress to the throne of Spain is 16 years old and it might seem normal that she wants, like other girls her age, to open an account on this social network. That’s why when this account impersonating Leonor posted its first video, the Spaniards went crazy.

From less serious media to more serious press, the existence of a video in which we could see Princess Leonor swaying her hips quickly made the rounds of the country. Even the famous talkshow Salvame of the Telecinco chain, spoke about it. In this video, the eldest daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia can be seen doing some dance moves to the song Medina by a Filipino rapper named Andrew Ford.

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The Royal House confirmed it was a deepfake

A specialist on the set of Salvame quickly raised doubts about the authenticity of the video. Specialists of the Spanish monarchy will have quickly noticed that the face of the alleged Leonor does not quite correspond to her current appearance. At the moment, the Princess of Asturias is undergoing orthodontic treatment, including the extraction of teeth.

Despite this, many young people who have not informed themselves on the subject, believe that the video is authentic. Thanks to a feature of TikTok, which makes it possible to reuse the video of a third person to reclaim it and comment on it in turn, the extract was quickly shared everywhere on the application.

Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias, and her sister, Infanta Sofia photographed in Valldemossa on August 1, 2021. The heiress to the throne is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment and her sister is wearing braces (Photo: Gtres/Abacapress)

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A cousin and a cousin of the Princess of Asturias are nevertheless popular on social networks

The Royal House has agreed to respond to the Maldita site, which hunts fake news on the Internet. The site specializing in fact-checking received confirmation from the Palace that the video was not authentic. By doing some research, Maldita found the original video and we discover that the body belongs to a young Filipina named Ericka Pena.

On the left, still from the video showing Princess Leonor dancing and on the right, the original video of Ericka Pena whose body was used to create the deepfake (Photo: TikTok screenshots)

It is therefore a video made using deepfake technology. This consists in using the features of a person, on the simple basis of a photo, which is pasted on a moving image. The face can animate and the features move in order to appropriate the facial movements of the original model, while changing its appearance.

The Spanish edition of the Huffington Post recalls that the Royal House communicates on social networks only on Twitter, through the certified account @CasaReal. It is likely that members of certain royal families have Instagram accounts and perhaps even TikTok, but they are either in private or they use these social networks passively, that is to say without posting anything to them. round. The cousin of Princess Leonor, Pablo Urdangarin, son of the Infanta Cristina, had also made the buzz when he opened his own TikTok account. As for Victoria de Marichalar, daughter of the Infanta Elena, she has decided to officially assume her new life as an influencer, now using Instagram as a work tool.


De nuevo dedicated to mi profe 😂😂

♬ Beba Que Quieres Que Haga – Omar Montes & JC el Diamante

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At present, Pablo Urdangarin has only published two short videos, on this TikTok account which is indeed his. However, it is already followed by more than 80,000 subscribers. Victoria de Marichalar, who is currently only on Instagram, could also make an incredible buzz if she put herself on TikTok. A few months ago, she agreed to dance in a video by singer Omar Montes, a video viewed more than 2 million times.

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