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Princess Diana reportedly predicted car crash two years before her death in mystery note

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According to “The Diana Investigations,” a new documentary series airing on Discovery+Princess Diana predicted a car accident two years before her death, reports the Daily beast, relayed by the New York Post, Wednesday. The new investigation reveals that Lady Di told her lawyer, Victor Mischonin 1995, that efforts to “get rid” of her would be undertaken the following year – citing a car accident as one possible means.

While Diana claimed that “reliable sources” had given her the information, she remained silent on their true identity, as shown in a letter written by Mischon. Named “Note Mischon“, the conversation provided insight into what could have led to that fateful night, August 31, 1997, when her driver Henri Paul crashed into the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, killing the 36-year-old queen. year.

Henri Paul tried to avoid paparazzi on a motorbike, but sent the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana and her companion Dodi Al Fayed against a pillar.

After the accident, the lawyer Victor Mischon reportedly handed the note to Sir Paul Condomthe Metropolitan Police Commissioner at the time, but a formal inquest into the Princess’s death was not said to have been opened until January 6, 2004. Then-metropolitan police commissioner John Stevens reportedly launched the investigation, dubbed ‘Operation Paget“, and would have discovered the surprising note in a safe kept by Condom.

Stevens allegedly questioned Victor Mischon before the lawyer’s death in 2005, confirming that Mischon “hadn’t given much credence” to the princess’s concerns. In fact, he thought “that she was paranoid“.

When the conclusions of the operation Paget were revealed in December 2006 – over 832 pages – the lawyer Michael Mansfieldwho represented the father ofAl Fayedreportedly called the note “most important thing about this report“, claiming it was a “moment of waiting, a light bright suddenly in the dark“, according to the investigators of the documentary series.

In 2003, another mysterious letter, allegedly written by Princess Diana and later published by her butler Paul Burrelalso expressed his concerns. Supposedly written in 1996, the day after her divorce from Prince Charles, the author described her life as “dangerous”. My Husband Plans For An “Accident” In My Car, Brake Failure And A Serious Head Injury To Allow Him To Marry Tiggy“, she reportedly wrote of Charles’ personal assistant – a rumor that ultimately turned out to be untrue. BBC journalist Martin Bashir apparently fed the princess lies using falsified documents, which he also used to secure an exclusive interview.

Despite efforts by then Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Stevens in the investigation into the Princess’s death, he said ‘with 100 per cent certainty’ no one was concocting a plan to assassinate the princess, officially calling the crash a horrific accident.