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Prince William wanted to reconcile with Harry, but he refused: here’s why

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Since Harry married Meghan in 2018, the agreement with his brother is definitely no longer there.

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A book is currently making a lot of headlines in the UK. That of the author, Valentine Low, who tried to understand in her book “Brokers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown”, how the relationship of the Sussexes with the rest of the royal family could have deteriorated so much and led to the Megxit.

According to the author, Meghan and Harry wanted the whole world to know that they no longer got along with Prince William and his wife Kate.

As a reminder, during the Sussexes’ tour of South Africa in 2019, Meghan spoke to presenter Tom Bradby about her struggles living in the spotlight within the royal family, both as a newlywed and as a new mother. He then asked her what impact all that pressure had had on her physical and mental health. She said she found it difficult and added. An interview which had overshadowed the visits during the tour of William and Kate and which had made relations between the two couples very tense.

The documentary also showed how Harry and William no longer got along. Asked by Bradby about his relationship with his older brother, Harry chose not to deny that there were many tensions and said: “We are on different paths right now… As brothers, you know, you have good days, you have bad days. »

The day after this documentary aired, William, very saddened by what his brother and sister-in-law said on television, sent a WhatsApp message to his brother asking if he could come see him. Harry then asked William who he intended to reveal that he was coming to chat with him. The latter explained to him that he would have to adjust his schedule and that his private secretary would therefore be informed. Harry’s reaction was to tell him: “Don’t come then”.

Harry told him this because he was afraid that William’s team would leak this attempted reconciliation visit to the press. He would simply rather not see his brother than risk the news getting out in the media.

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