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Prince Harry’s request that all his exes refused

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They are called Chelsy, Caroline, Mollie or even Cressida and they all have in common a love affair with the prince harry. Despite their separation, some were even invited to his wedding with Meghan Markle in 2018. For the writing of his memoirs, the prince came to ask them a small favor, which they were several to refuse.

In “Spare”, which will be released on January 10, Prince Harry recounts his past in 400 pages. A text that would be
with raw and unfailing honesty
. “To retrace this course of life, prince Harry therefore contacted his friends so that they testify. ” Harry held out his hand to them. His friends and girlfriends were polite, and said they would think about it, but in the end most said no. “, reveals a source to the Sun.

According to the magazine, the Duke of Sussex’s former girlfriends mostly refused out of pride. When they were in a relationship with Prince Harry, and still today, the royal family has always forbidden them to communicate with the press.